Need for Speed Underground

Need for Speed Underground

High speed racing through city streets with tuned cars
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Drive faster than you've ever driven before, crash into your opponents, use the NOS at the right time and finish the races on the 1st place. Get new cars and tune their look as well as their performance. Enjoy the awesome soundtrack.

Need for Speed Underground is another release of the good series Need for Speed, developed by Electronic Arts.
This racing game offers a wide variety of cars to be used in racing. The car upgrades include both visual and performance enhancements that make the game rather interesting and worth-playing.

The roads to race in Need for Speed Underground are visually interesting and designed, but unfortunately they tend to get quite repetitive.

However, Need for Speed Underground includes a good diversity of races that help maintain variety in the action, although the absence of really unique tracks prevents most races from being seen different from one another.
Each race has three different difficulty settings, and players can earn different amounts of money depending on which difficulty mode they selected.
The game offers online play, which includes head-to-head challenges as well as four-player races.
The sounds of racing are very well achieved in Need for Speed Underground and its graphics are so good that race fans definitely feel the need to check out this game.

Mariano Delgado
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  • Great sound
  • Excellent graphics
  • Good roster of cars


  • Tracks are too similar and they become quite repetitive
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